Plaque Krasivomechje

Executed by professional art, paint on tree, coverring bark, in original performance. Each copy presents itself exclusive variant with type Krasivomechiya and autograph of the art.
Plaque it is conferred radio club "EFIR" and is given for undertaking the observations, radio communications with radio station located in region current river "Krasivaja Mecha".
Are taken radio communication with region according to fissions on diploma RDA:
TL-09, TL-19, TL-21, TL-23, TL-32, LP-15, LP-16
For performing plaque necessary to conduct 7 QSO, not less, than with three from specified RDA regions. The Relationship are taken since 2000 by all means of modes, on all range, including WARC. The dupes on miscellaneous range or miscellaneous type mode with one corresponder from one region does not are taken.
The Application for plaque is formed on the grounds of extracts from hardware journal and is notarized by one avateur radio operator, having individual or collective call sign.

The Cost plaque equivalent:
400 rub.  for amateur radio operators of the Russia,
10   for amateur radio operators C.I.S.,
15   for amateur radio operators distant foreign.

The demand and payment are sent to:
Serov Aleksey Vladimirovich
p/b 1, Efremov, Tulskaya obl., 301840, RUSSIA