The Database on DX station and their manager, as well as the address of the managers and the address some DX-station, which work without manager, I began to create in 1986. The Push has hereto served my fascination by work in airwaves with rare station, one word I interest "hunt for DX". For a long time was not a program of the work with these database and user happened to the different way to search for necessary information on the base. But finally all changed, presently together with database can download from this site and program of the work with them. Developer of the program are Kuzimin Dmitriy Leonidovich and Kuzimin Leonid Ivanovich UA3YPL

The refreshed bases from Jun 03, 2012.

    The database consists of two files of the format DBF.

  • 1. DX-BASE.DBF - Base on DX.
    Field DX - call sign infrequent stations
    Field MGR - call sign manager
    Field INFO - date of activity infrequent station or date of entry of the information

  • 2. ADR-BASE.DBF - Base on adress DX and managers.
    Field MGR - the call sign manager or infrequent station
    Field MORAL - as works the manager (bureau, direct etc.)
    Field INFO - date of entry the informations
    Field ADD - address of the manager or infrequent stations

  • 3. - program for work with database    

The new version of the program is Offered.(Version 1.6)
Change are made for greater versatility.
Version 1.5
As follows, in file adjustment (ini file) are added two new importances

i.e. address of the request and address of the request

It Is Made this to if in the future address on put, that possible was most rule the program.
In the address of the request key symbol %CALL% instead of which and is substituted sought call sign. Think the principle comprehensible.

Version 1.6
Will Added one more window of the image to information. In this window are displayed all DX stations managers data by manager.
Also searching for of the managers is added.
When entering of new information, or at adjustment of the base of the addresses given in field "Functioning(working) the manager or DX" presently possible choose from proposed list. The Givenned list possible to correct as please, by editing by any text editor of the file "Moral.dat", which lies in file "Data".
UNRAR file, change file "QSLManager.exe", he is found in file where is located program, change file "English.txt" he is found in file "Language", add file "Moral.dat" in directory "Data".
Installing the program
For that who earlier used the program it is necessary to delete get old file with program BEFOREHAND having SAVED FILES "ADR-BASE.DBF" And "DX-BASE.DBF", WHICH LIES In directory "DATA". UnRAR downloading file with program, saved files "ADR-BASE.DBF" And "DX-BASE.DBF" copy in directory "DATA".
For one, first once download the program, it is necessary UnRAR her, download with this site database and addendas to him and all place in directory "DATA". After "download" addendas to the main base, the files of the additions to delete.
It Is Started program by file "QSLManager.exe"


    Download program, unrar her, in file "Data" copy earlier jumped files database DX-BASE.DBF and ADR-BASE.DBF, or download them straight away from this site.

    Usage databases in the programs (computer hardware log-books, search system etc., and also arrangement on sites) is admitted only with the sanctions of the writer.

By all good. DX! and 73!
Sergej Abyshev, UA9LP

The sponsor of the project - CPTO